Proceeding from a mixture of Arabic and Berber culinary traditions,moroccan traditional food is recognized as one of the best and tastiest foods in the world.
From the North of Morocco to the South,moroccan food-varieties bear their overall quality around the world.
 this simple word is a magical way to evoke full-flavored foods of moroccan cooking. Also the word Tajine is the name of typical tool in terra cotta,in which meat mixed with spices and vegetables,are slowly cooked. The range of products called « TAJINI » offers you an unforgettable discovery of foods. Novices in this culinary art,and connoisseurs will be delighted for ever.We gathered the best of specific recipes into a genuine moroccan sauces.All the components are particularly well chosen in order to give you the best unrivalled moroccan cooking.Add poultry,meat or fish, and 10 minutes later you’ll start experience to the paradise foods. We have handed the magic taste back into these moroccan food sauces. We promise you a perfect traditional product.This recipe of sauce without meat,will give you the opportunity to create every day,a dish of your own,and warmly welcome people with juicy food that only morocco is able to do.